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un homme jouant sur un écran incurvé

Écran PC incurvé gaming : le guide complet

Tout gamer qui se respecte se doit d'avoir un setup gaming digne de ce nom. Et cela passe forcément par un écran de qualité. Tu as deux options : plat...
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Personne Tenant Une Manette De Jeu Xbox One Blanche Et Noire

Video Game Consoles: What ages is it okay to buy one for?

It’s not just kids who game anymore. The earlier generations are all grown up, having children of their own and still playing video games themselves. That makes it all the...
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un homme assis au bureau avec une posture correcte

Gaming Posture: How to make sure you stay comfortable for hours

Gaming Posture: How to make sure you stay comfortable for hours If you’re an avid gamer you’re probably well accustomed to spending hours hunched over a PC or lounging on...
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un homme portant un casque spatial assis sur le canapé et jouant à des jeux vidéo

The impact of video games on the brain and body

Do you spend hours on end diving into the world of video games? Is your Steam library jam-packed, and is your PlayStation Plus membership worth every penny?  If you've been...
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Cadeau d'anniversaire pour gamer

Birthday gift for gamer

We all have a fan of video games in our family or among our loved ones. The dreaded moment has arrived: you just got up and your mobile phone vibrates:...
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Gagner sa vie en jouant aux jeux vidéo

Make a living playing video games

Earning money playing video games is a dream that many gaming enthusiasts want to achieve. New professions have emerged in recent years, and some can be very lucrative! Did you...
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les écouteurs, un ordinateur portable, des lunettes horus x avec une casquette horus x sur la table

How to wear headphones | A simple guide

Over or in your ears. Job done; you can move on with your life now. We’re kidding. Obviously, if the answer was that simple you wouldn’t be searching for it...
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Test de hogwarts legacy sur pc par horus x

Hogwarts legacy test Hogwarts legacy

Today we take you with us for a preview of the latest video game everyone is talking about. Already available on PC, PS5 and Xbox series x & s we...
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Image à la une avec décorations de noël dans le thème gaming

Christmas Gift for Gamer | Find the perfect gaming gift

Here we are, the time has come and every year it starts again... Christmas is coming and while you are looking for ideas for your gamer boyfriend, your gamer girlfriend,...
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Comment améliorer son setup gaming

How to improve your gaming setup

Do you want to seriously power up your setup?! OK ! To answer this question we will already try to understand what a good gaming setup is . There is...
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Comment bien choisir ses lunettes selon la forme de son visage

How to choose the right glasses according to the shape of your face

Your face is as wide as Wario's? Do you have a round head like Kirby? Your nose takes up as much space as Yoshi's on his cute face. So you...
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Faut il voir un ophtalmo pour avoir des lunettes gaming ?

Do you have to see an ophthalmologist to get gaming glasses?

What are the tips for choosing high-performance gaming glasses and do you need to consult an ophthalmologist before getting one? Studies on the harmful effects of screens and blue light...
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