We all have a fan of video games in our family or among our loved ones. The dreaded moment has arrived: you just got up and your mobile phone vibrates: - Notification - "tomorrow is her birthday!" A small breakdown for gift ideas? What is THE gamer gift that will have its effect every time?

🎮 A chocolate gamepad 🎮

joystick surrounded by chocolate

It's like everything, if we don't abuse it, it's almost good for your health 👩 ⚕️. Playstation fans will recognize their "chocolate color" controller, but we assure you of its 100% compatibility with all consoles, 100% with any game 😁.

Thanks to this controller, no more cravings when the game lasts too long (but remember to keep it in a cool place all the same 😅).

👉 The controller is available for less than 10 euros, milk chocolate or dark chocolate version, and even in the supermarket.

🖱 An ergonomic mouse pad 🖱

purple ergonomic mouse pad

A little ergonomics can limit the musculoskeletal disorders that the passion for long hours of PC games can produce. Don't overlook the details.

An ergonomic mouse pad is a great accessory for any comfort-conscious gamer. It is designed to provide optimal support for the wrist and forearm, it comes in all sizes. A selection at less than 20 euros here with memory foam.

👍 Bonus: the cool variant? An ergonomic keyboard wrist rest . It corrects the posture of the wrist, no more need to cross the map of Fortnite in pain.

🧳 A travel neck pillow 🧳

a woman with yellow glasses and a neck pillow

Come on, admit that you hadn't thought of that! This gift can be an excellent choice to improve the comfort of the gamer and finally enjoy long trips by plane ✈, train 🚅 or car 🚙.

There are many models:

  • ⛑ ergonomic,

  • 💆‍♂️ massaging,

  • 🌞heating,

  • 🎈 inflatables,

  • with cherry stones (ecological and retains heat well).

    👉 available in various shops for less than 20 euros .

👌 Possible use for micro-naps during the loading time of your portable console.

🦸‍♀️ A phone holder figure 🦸‍♂️

green and brown phone holder in the shape of thumbs

Thanks to these goodies, your gamer friend will no longer have an excuse not to reply to your messages. This accessory will create a stylish play environment in addition to being useful.

Several ideas for choosing the figurine 👨‍🚒🦸‍♀️⛹️‍♂️:

  • Either you know your target well - Sorry, your gamer -, choose a figurine that is part of his universe (manga, superhero, star wars, etc.)

  • Either you choose from more general figurines, which everyone likes (robot, Super Mario, etc.)

Launch your spies, because you will have to avoid offering a Star Trek figurine to a Star Wars fan: the reaction of the gamer may surprise you 🙀.

👉 ideas for less than 30 euros here .

👍 Bonus: There is also a mixed version phone holder and console controller.

👕 A sweatshirt, t-shirt or comfortable garment 👕

comfortable clothes, jogging

Warm in winter and light in summer. Playing comfort is important! A piece of clothing will always please video game enthusiasts, especially if you target a reference to their favorite video game genre... or if you choose from among the many humorous traits on the Geek community.

Many gift ideas in the shops, count 30-40 euros for a good product.

  • 👍 Bonus: a cool variant? 🥿 Thick cotton interior old school slippers, we guarantee you a "like at home" effect whatever the duration of the game.

  • Disadvantage of this gift idea: it works in front of the playstation 5 or the xbox one at home, but much less on the bus 🚌.

🎤 A streaming accessory 🎤

led light panel

Parent friends, do you hear your cherub talking to you about streaming? It's not Klingon 🖖. One of the hottest gift ideas this year is the streaming accessory. For PC or for console, for all types of games, no one is jealous.

You will find a selection of webcams 🎥 (⁓30 euros), microphones 🎙 (⁓60 euros) and even LED lights 💡 (⁓40 euros) to improve the quality of the broadcast (Attention, we always avoid blue, a yellow warm is always best friend).

  • 👍 Advice : make your gift selection by aiming for a quality and high-performance product (high resolution for example), rather than a "pretty" product. This is what the player is looking for.

🤷‍♂️ How does this improve well-being? Well, sharing with the community or loved ones during the games, it socializes: talking to a person rather than a bot is much better for mental health.

👓 Anti-blue light gaming glasses 👓

horus x revolution urban blue light blocking glasses

It's proven, all video game enthusiasts in the world experience blue light from screens . We are talking about harmful light sources, on PC, console, telephone. If you have any doubts, we explain everything here .

So, are you looking for a high-end, stylish, comfortable gamer birthday gift with advanced technology? 👉 Our glasses take care of your health by reducing eye fatigue and improving visual comfort .

100% blue light protection filter at 400nm and + 50% or 86% between 380 and 450nm (depending on the model)!

The best on the market, a good idea for long-term health protection:

  • The top: Gaming One Revolution at 54.90 euros

  • For the everyday gamer or traveller: Stockholm at 34.90 euros

  • The gamer gift for the youngest among us: Helsinki at 24.90 euros

  • In addition to this selection, many other models for gaming!

🙀 Attention, sustainable gifts with our lifetime guarantee! 🙀

🧘‍♀️ A yoga mat 🧘‍♀️

gray yoga mat on wooden floor

Yes, yes, it can be a birthday surprise for a gamer, we got the right gift idea. Meditation , there is something for everyone.

👉 Infallible argument: Whether on PC or on console, we all know THAT moment when we will get up and put the controllers down, to return to real life with the dexterity of a grandmother and the aches of an athlete.

So a yoga mat to help relieve stress and muscle tension is one of the not-so-dumb gift ideas. Usable during the console loading screen.

Our recommendation : choose a cork mat with a natural rubber underside.

💺 The gaming chair 💺

Gaming chair on a black background and purple neon lights

We don't think enough about your posture , always leaning forward with your fingers nervously clenched on the controller, because that's where, now, we're about to make an Ace on call of with this magnificent drop shot (much rarer event on Animal Crossing).

The gift idea of ​​the gaming chair with lumbar support cushions and all the necessary comfort is a good guarantee to preserve your health.

One can think :

  • To the lumbar cushion

  • At the armrests

  • To the head pillow

  • Leather or fabric, as long as it's breathable

  • Has a massage function

  • On the footstool (Okay, we're at the pinnacle, couch limit)

And we will avoid:

  • seats too firm

  • non-breathable fabrics

  • Tank seats (immersive but not very comfortable)

👉 We find some dedicated to the gamer from 125 euros, it's Christmas before time.

🎧 Active noise canceling headphones 🎧

A man wearing headphones in front of his computer screen

The good distribution of sounds allows more immersion, more precision.

👉imagine hearing the sound of enemy footsteps behind you in games, with a flash you turn around, and it's the frag!

In addition to performance, look for comfort in your selection. Hours immersed in games with a helmet that is too heavy, and our hairstyle is irreparably modified.

👍 Bonus: thanks to headphones equipped with active noise reduction technology, no more work in the street, or the neighbor who snores on the train!

👉 Very good devices for PC or consoles, to offer from 150 euros.

💻 The computer screen dedicated to video games 💻

A gamer playing in front of two gaming screens

The gamer likes to be the fastest, his action is precise and must be executed without delay: Aim for a response time of 1 ms.

We have prepared a complete guide to help you in your choice.

There are several brands, as long as it is adapted to the posture once installed (neither too high, nor too low / neither too close, nor too far) it will please the gamer as much as his body.

👉 A good screen doesn't prevent you from wearing blue light glasses . Our glasses distort colors very little and protect against the harmful spectrum of light. A real asset for superhuman perfs.

🥽 Virtual reality accessories 🥽

A woman wearing a virtual reality headset illuminated by diodes

You can make your gamer happy with this original birthday present. A real experience.

With this, the gamer will leave his seat to feel:

  • The Jedi Effect -lightsaber in hand-

  • The atmospheric atmosphere of Half Life Alyx (There, no need to turn the mouse to counter the zombie that appears behind you, because he IS behind you)

  • The fitness session on Beat Saber

We grant you that it is an exceptional gift that will heat up the graphics card, count 500 euros with the dedicated controllers, available whatever the platform.

👉 But, we also assure you of the WAHOU effect! And no more excuses, Beat Saber is sport!

🎉 Gift idea for gamer: The final word 🎉

Alright, here we are. You are in front of the front door, the freshly wrapped gift. You are calm, you have just chosen among the top gift ideas for gamers.

You could have chosen one of the best video games of the moment, but maybe he already had it? Is this his style of play?

It is time ! Your heart beats hard when the gamer approaches, he tears the packaging!

Phew! The stars in the eyes are formal: this gamer gift was the right one!

And you know deep down that in addition, you took care of your gamer's health , that's what we feel a little when we offer you our products.

👍 Bonus: ideas that also work for Christmas.

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