Política de reembolso

What's that deal?

A lifetime warranty on my Horus X glasses?
Yes indeed!


Just to sum up 

Our products are designed to last
High quality materials, CE and ANSI certifications, in-depth and regular quality checks.

But we can't prevent everything from happening :

  • You've sat on your favorite gaming glasses, you mistreated it, it's broken? (See "I encountered a glitch")
  • Or even worse: the product arrived with a problem? (See "Manufacturer's warranty").

In any case, we send you back another product or refund you!
You can count on us.

I encountered a glitch 

Really, any type of problem you could have.

We trust our glasses, polycarbonate-made (the one used for bulletproof objects) they should even withstand most of your rage-quit and other bad moods after loosing a game. But unfortunately, you broke your glasses?
Don't worry  about this. If you have an issue with our products (even if you broke it during your last fortnite game), we send you back another one and you keep the old one. That's it. That's easy, simple, clear. No joke here.

Just send us an email at hello@horus-x.com and you'll be on track to get the new product. We promise to fix your issue in 3 days max.
The only thing we ask is to pay the (very light) processing fees to prepare and send you the new product (5$). 

* This warranty only covers product purchased directly from Horus X (UpcyLink SAS company).
For the one bought to a reseller, see its own conditions.



Manufacturer's warranty 

If you encouter any problem with the original product when you receive it we take it really seriously.
Contact-us at hello@horus-x.com and we find a totally free solution for you.
In all cases, you keep the original produc (don't loose time to send it back), and we refund you or send you another product: Refund or resend within 3 working days.

You shouldn't pay when we messed up. ;) 

* We reserved the right to accept or refuse the Horus X warranty validity.
Thanks to our really powerful algorithm we easily notice the smart ones trying to use this system in a sneaky way.
But, let us a nice message with a fun story and we may consider being nice to you anyway ;)