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un homme et une femme portant des lunettes Horus X

Les lunettes filtre bleu : verres clairs ou ambrés ?

Les lunettes filtre bleu sont vite devenues indispensable dans notre monde moderne hyperconnecté. En filtrant les ondes nocives de la lumière bleue artificielle, elles permettent de s'épargner la fatigue oculaire...
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une petite fille et un petit garçon portant des lunettes Horus X

Blue light glasses for kids: How to protect children’s eyes

 Dealing with a child begging to watch Paw Patrol for the 500th time is no fun for any parent. Especially when you’re concerned about the impact it will have on...
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deux hommes et une femme qui ont l'air heureux de porter des lunettes horus x et de jouer à des jeux vidéo.

Blue light filter glasses: Why bother?

Blue light filter glasses, or blue light blocking glasses as they’re also known, are designed to provide comfort in front of screens. By filtering out harmful waves of blue light...
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Comment protéger ses yeux des écrans : nos conseils santé et lumière bleue

How to protect your eyes from screens

 As you’re alive in this millennia, we’re going to assume you spend a lot of time in front of screens. Between your phone, tablet, computer and television, you’re definitely spending...
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Ampoule sans lumière bleue : une vraie solution ?

Ampoule sans lumière bleue : une vraie solution ?

La lumière bleue… cet ennemi auquel on est exposé au quotidien, tapi dans l’ombre (enfin, en pleine lumière). Car tu dois le savoir maintenant, elle est partout ! Ton téléphone,...
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Verres anti lumière bleue : sont-ils vraiment efficaces ? Notre avis ! 

Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Effective?

 Anti-blue light glasses are designed to relieve and protect your eyes against the effects of overexposure to screens and their artificial blue light. But their effectiveness is often debated –...
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Lumière bleue et rides : existe-t-il un lien ? 

Blue light and wrinkles: is there a link?

You are beginning to know that blue light has several negative effects on your health, especially on your eyes and your sleep. But now, in addition, we hear that it...
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Lunettes anti lumière bleue pour la conduite : guide complet

Blue light blocking glasses for driving: a complete guide

You, the lover of the road, sailing at full speed on the asphalt, lulled by the melodies of California Dreaming, would you know that an insidious danger for your vision...
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La lumière perturbe le sommeil : comment l'optimiser pour des nuits paisibles

Light disrupts sleep: how to optimize it for peaceful nights

Whether you spend your nights chaining rounds on Fall Guys or scrolling in bed on Instagram, you've probably noticed: light can harm your eyes, but also your sleep . We...
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des lumières bleues explosent depuis un écran d’ordinateur

Blue light and AMD: What's the link?

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is fairly scary sounding, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you have the right armor equipped in the war to protect your eyesight,...
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Lumiere bleue pour dormir

Blue light for sleeping

As you know, blue light and sleep are among our favorite subjects. And today, instead of just talking to you about the harmful effects of LEDs and screens on your...
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une femme inquiète regardant son acné dans le miroir

Blue light acne treatment: how does it work?

 We know we’ve been making a big fuss about the harmful effects of blue light and advocating for your eyes to stay safe from its negative impacts… but today, we’re...
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