You, the lover of the road, sailing at full speed on the asphalt, lulled by the melodies of California Dreaming, would you know that an insidious danger for your vision hides behind each headlight, each advertisement, each sign that crosses Your way ? Its aggressive color reaches deep into your retina, hidden in a mysterious blue glow. Yes, we are talking about the dreaded blue light!

It can be problematic if you ride often, are sensitive to light, and don't protect your eyes. We are going to see together what are the dangers of blue light on the road, the sources of this light and how to protect yourself from it, in particular thanks to the Horus X anti blue light glasses .

In summary :

  • Blue light and its sources

  • Blue light blocking glasses: benefits for driving

  • How to choose your blue light blocking glasses (our well-hidden secret - the ultimate glasses)

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Blue light: definition and sources on the road

Abstract image showing blue light smeared on black background

You'll find everything you need to know about blue light in our in-depth guide . To help you understand the rest of this page, you should know that harmful blue light is emitted by artificial light sources and particularly by LEDs.

It is responsible for disturbances of vision, in particular visual fatigue, dry eyes, but also sleep disorders.

Our roads are filled with artificial lights and therefore blue light! This is especially the case at night when everything has to be on, especially the headlights of other road users.

So that you understand how much artificial light is present on the road, we have prepared a list of light sources for you:

  • 🚗 The headlights of cars, motorcycles and trucks : today, vehicles are more and more equipped with LED or Xenon headlights. It's pretty, it consumes less energy, but what does it break your eyes! Have you ever stared Xenon headlights straight in the eye (never do that), or simply been dazzled by poorly tuned LED headlights? In addition to the glare, you get a good dose of blue light, especially with Xenon headlights.

  • 📺 Screens on board the vehicle : smartphone, GPS and other on-board screens emit blue light, especially when driving at night. Even if, today, the screens adapt when it is darker (by putting themselves in night mode automatically for example), the blue light reaches your eyes. In addition, modern cars are increasingly equipped with a digital dashboard with LED display ... which produces blue light.

  • 🚥 Billboards, shopping malls, gas stations : so much light pollution that disturbs your eyes when driving at night. In addition to preventing you from seeing the stars, these distractions contribute to eye strain.

Blue light blocking glasses to the rescue!

Fortunately, there is protection to protect your eyes when driving at night: blue light blocking glasses. You are lucky to come across this article, because we are specialized in the creation of these glasses!

Our lenses are made using a technology that we have patented: Horus X technology . We filter up to 96% of harmful blue light for our most powerful lenses (our range of sunglasses ).

Ushuaia blue light blocking glasses

How to choose a pair of anti-blue light glasses for driving?

It is advisable to choose your blue light blocking glasses according to your daily use. For example, if you drive most often at night, you will need fairly clear ones. They will filter blue light while letting enough light through for you to see! Especially with our Nomad range.

👉 This range is suitable for day and night riding, as the frames are fitted with clear lenses that filter out up to 60% of the harmful blue light spectrum . Not to mention the 100% filtered UV! Plus, we've designed these glasses to keep you looking stylish whether you're in the car, on the street or in the office.

Now, if you ride mainly during the day, it will be interesting to equip yourself with sunglasses. With tinted lenses, you can avoid fatigue and dry eyes related to exposure to the Sun.

With our anti-blue light, anti-UV and anti-reflective solar range , you won't have any worries about driving during the day! So, in addition to being fashionable outside, you can protect yourself from blue light while driving!

Yellow night driving glasses: a good idea?

cat with yellow glasses driving at night

What about night driving goggles?

If you do some research on the Internet, you will see that the subject of glasses with yellow filters for driving is debated. Some opinions say that this type of blue light blocking glasses is effective, others say that it is not.

Even if some studies do not find any particular effect on the detection of pedestrians (see a study by Dr. D. Hwang ), those who have been able to try glasses with a yellow filter are convinced of the restful effect of these glasses.

You will have to be careful not to choose too dark glasses which could, even if they rest on you, reduce your visibility (and that is dangerous).

🤫 Little secret that we don't often talk about : We know a brand that has done quite a bit here with the perfect shade for driving ! They are not very sexy but very effective and can be worn over your glasses if you have them.

The final word: drive safely with anti-blue light driving glasses

Riding day and night requires a lot of concentration and can be taxing on the eyes. Between eye fatigue, glare and distractions, there are ways to divert you from your objective: to go from point A to point B. To help you in your quest and protect you from fatigue, you and your passengers, prefer to use blue light blocking glasses when driving. They have the advantage of being accessible and studied to protect you if you buy them on our shop, so why deprive yourself of them?

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