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Everyone talks about it but doesn't seem to really measure the impact it can have.

We even know people who "don't believe it". ( At the start of the sunglasses boom, some argued that it was useless, because man has been "exposed to the sun for millennia" )

The impacts of blue light are insidious and are not always immediate. More and more scientific studies are highlighting the recognized dangers of blue light. The most harmful blue-violet light is that between 380 and 450 nanometers, because its very short waves are the most energetic and therefore the most harmful to the eye. These are the ones to be avoided.

With our intense filters, you get + 86% filtration against the harmful spectrum, quite simply. Every day, we are exposed to screens for about 6 hours, and the increasing use of new technologies leads to overexposure of the eye to harmful blue light.

You should know that screens emit blue light up to 100 times stronger and more aggressive than that coming from natural sources. Visual fatigue and sunshine disorders are recognized dangers in the short term. Vision loss (AMD), attention deficit disorder (ADHD), potentially long term. Even though there is still a lot of research to be done before having definitive conclusions, the first results are worrying.

All our scientific references are at the bottom of this page here (click).

Software and applications block blue light directly on your computer or smartphone screen. They work either by transforming the color in the video driver, or with a color filter over it.

It's quite effective and frankly we recommend them, most are free! It is better to install software than to do nothing.

But the protection is not total. They are not able to block all the emitted blue light, or even block the LED backlight.

Glasses protect you from all sources of blue light. It is difficult to reduce the blue light from your TV screen for example if you are playing in console mode, or even when it comes to LED lights on the ceiling.

If you are in an environment where you switch from one screen to another (group work, coworking, etc.), then blue light protection glasses also allow you to be better protected.

If it's a question of price, we offer ultra efficient models, for less than 35 €: Frankly, we are not laughing at you.

It depends on the intensity of your protection. In " Clear Standard " filtration , almost no color distortion (transparent lenses) and optimal protection for everyday use.

With the " Amber Intense ", we have chosen an amber colored lens to minimize color distortion while having really intensive protection for the big players. (Our filters and technologies are among the best on the market.)

In any case, even with a slightly changed color, you will adapt to it very quickly. In a few minutes, you won't even notice them!

If you are a graphic designer or photographer and you need a visual of your screen with an exact color, a quick glance over the glasses and voila.

For the moment we only offer our glasses without correction. We are in full development of these new models which should be offered at the end of 2022.

If you wear contact lenses, our glasses will fit you perfectly.

Opticians now tend to offer a blue light filter on prescription glasses, but we must admit that we are not very satisfied with it. The level of filtration offered is often quite low, so check with your optician. (mention the 380-450nm spectrum to ensure the seriousness of the answer).

Our goals are simple:
1 / Simplify the choice for your glasses
2 / Allow a more affordable price
3 / Offer the most innovative and efficient technologies on the market

A "simple and efficient" template is created for each use, making it much easier to choose.

We offer much more affordable prices than some competing brands ( sometimes 3 to 5 times more expensive ).

Our glasses offer a sharp quality of frame , a lifetime warranty that few competitors offer, a much more modern style that does not look "geeky with yellow glasses", and lenses that are among the best filters in the world on the game.

Our factories are located in Taiwan and China, because we have chosen the best industry in the world. It is not a simple low-end "made in china", but indeed one of the most advanced industries in the world. (What is made in China is not necessarily cheap, just like what is made in France is not necessarily luxury)

This choice is accompanied by a very strict control of products and specifications, of the working conditions of the employees of the plant (via independent audits), and with regard to transport, we favor the train and the boat rather than the hyper-polluting plane. Finally, your glasses are made of recyclable polycarbonate.

Our commitment to associations fighting against global warming is also one of our top objectives. For example, we are members of "1% for the planet", and therefore donate 1% of our total sales to organizations fighting for the preservation of the planet.