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⭐️ Gaming glasses adopted by 200,000+ gamers and recommended by the smartest names in the industry⭐️

Need help choosing your gaming glasses?

Cover your back

The patented signature Horus X filtration technology, on simple and highly effective frames.

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Powerful style, ultra-thin and adjustable ergonomic metal alloy Horus X branches for perfect comfort with headphones.

Level 1 - Expert


At the origin of Horus X's authenticity. The original gamer glasses with sleek curves that equip more than 100,000 gamers.


The ultimate best-selling round-shaped casual gaming glasses with fluid lines that are versatile and provide incredible comfort.


The gaming glasses for children. Designed for small faces and equipped with our best filters to protect their sensitive eyes.

Level 2 - Master

One Revo

The revolutionary evolution of the Gaming One. Even more stylish, even thinner, with adjustable branches for an even more comfortable fit with a pair of headphones.

Urban Revo

Our transformed Urban model with new Horus X alloy metal branches. Still as powerful, with unparalleled protection.

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Level X - Legend 🔥

Pro gaming eyewear, developed for sportsmen and women. Streamlined, lightweight eyewear inspired by the best sports technologies and infused with the Horus X filtration shield.


Amber Plasma® Technology

Our most advanced blue light blocking technology against digital eye strain. For night and intensive gaming use

🎮 Intensive & Night GAMING use

Clear Ghost® Technology

The most advanced technology on the market for optimal daytime filtration against the harmful blue light spectrum, while maintaining a transparent appearance.

🎮 GAMING casual & PRO use

Try real innovation with Horus X®

Rested eyes, improved sleep, bionic concentration. The best gaming glasses with anti blue light to perform like a god.

Thanks to the Horus x Ghost® 60+ and Plasma® 86+ technology.

All glasses have our patented technologies to protect you from digital eyestrain. More information here on our filters.

How to choose my gaming glasses?

Do you belong to those who want to fully understand how to choose the best gaming glasses like a pro ? Awaken the engineer who sleeps inside you. Ditch your old pair and discover the fundamental elements to choose a powerful pair of gaming glasses (by the way, that's what makes us so unique : we tell you exactly why and how so you get the best protection, with a fair price and an exclusive waranty !)

☀️ 100% Anti-UV Rays (A,B,C)

Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to your eyes. Although they are less present indoors, they can sometimes sneak through your window. The UV filter in your gaming glasses must filter these rays without compromise!


Not all blue light is harmful! It is essential to filter blue light at the right time and on specific light frequencies. Depending on your usage, you will need to use different filters.

During the day, the harmful part is limited to frequencies close to UV, while in the evening, all blue light can affect your health.

🔴 [380-430] nanometers - Filtration close to 100% on the ultra-harmful spectrum between 380 and 430 nanometers.

🟠 [430-450] nanometers - Filtration to be adapted depending on usage. Ghost for everyday use during the day, Plasma for evening or intense usage, Darkmatter for outdoor use.


What is the purpose of anti-reflection coating on glasses? The anti-reflection coating is the final touch, the icing on the cake of a good pair of gaming glasses. It helps to counteract all the bad internal and external reflections on the gaming lens. Removing glare is essential for a clear vision by improving your perception of colors and reducing eye fatigue.


Clear or amber blue light filter? The color of the filter greatly affects your perception of the game. The lenses of your gaming glasses must be a perfect compromise between protection and perception. While yellow is generally used to effectively filter blue light in low-end blue light glasses, additional technology must be integrated to reduce any distortion.


The design of exceptional computer glasses obviously involves choosing quality materials. Lightness, durability, compatibility with your skin. At Horus X, we choose polycarbonate, the most versatile material in the field of optics. It is also used in the ballistic world!


As a true gamer, you probably wear headphones over your glasses. Your glasses should be designed to fit comfortably under your headphones and avoid painful pressure points. They should be designed with long-term comfort in mind, without any compromise.

✅ Compliance With Standards

That's really a minimum! And yet! A large part of gaming glasses don't even comply with the regulations (which are already very basic). In Europe, the standard is EN ISO 12312-1 201. For the American region, we are talking about ANSI Z80.3.

Still unsure about gaming glasses ?

Why are gaming glasses so important ? Gaming glasses benefits

🤩 To prevent and reduce eye fatigue, blurred vision, digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome. 

🌵 To help reduce the impact of dry eye and photosensitivity. 

💡 To minimize headaches due to light sensitivity especially with artificial blue light. 

😴 To protect your melatonine levels and increase your chances of a better sleep quality. 

😎 To look cooler than a polar bear's toe nails