At the start of the adventure in 2017, several months were needed to select the most outstanding partners, capable of respecting our quality standards and our constant technological innovations. ( Find our story here )

Horus X lenses

Finding the ideal partners - capable of respecting technical specifications and registered technologies - was not easy.

But we have found rare gems: modern factories located between China and Taiwan (depending on the model of glasses, the materials used, the "phase" of lens design).

These partners allow us to achieve optical performance that no other equipment manufacturer on the market will be able to dethrone 🔥

The Frames

Our partner located in China is a leading player in the manufacture of frames, in particular for equipment manufacturers specializing in professional protection, ballistic protection, and sports glasses.

Our glasses are also tested by an independent laboratory ( resistance to impact, fire, deformation, etc. ), and comply with CE standards ( ISO12312-1:2013+A1:2015 ), in North America ( ANSI Z80.3:2018 ) and Australia/New Zealand ( AS/NZS 1067.1:2016 )

Suffice to say that we know about quality!

Our glasses are made in Asia!

Often synonymous with very poor quality merchandise (and even let's be frank, often counterfeit), " made in china " or " made in taiwan " can on the contrary be a sign of quality in the optical industry 😍 ( provided to meet certain criteria !).

Nevertheless, we are aware of the environmental and social issues that this implies 👇👇👇


The factories and workshops with which we collaborate are carefully and frequently audited and comply with recognized international standards (in particular the SA8000 standard ), which guarantee humane and ethical manufacturing practices.

In the optical industry, the factories in this area often have high standards that they are proud to put forward.


Logistics : Our imports are mainly done by boat rather than by plane (We are currently working to favor rail transportation in the long term).

Manufacturing : We are in the design phase of new frames based on natural and recycled materials. At the same time, our factories comply with the ISO 14001 standard .

Donations : We are members of 1% for the planet. That means 1% of our sales to French associations which fight daily to counter the effects of climate change ( in particular Terre & Humanisme )

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