Blue light blocking glasses

For Men

Screen glasses for men


Heartbreaker or smart guy? It's up to you to decide, but one thing is for sure, with such a style, it's hard to resist you!


Lacking ideas? Boost your imagination with these glasses worthy of the greatest designers. Apple had better watch out!


Big meeting this week? Prepare your entrance and assert your skills in style by opting for this legendary model.

Lunettes gaming pour homme


Can't choose between a Rocket League game and a Call Of Duty session? The Gaming One combines style and outstanding performance at the best price.

Available in clear or amber lenses.


Just finished your latest city in Cities Skylines? Or maybe you're conquering the world on CIV? The Urban offers you unparalleled comfort for your (very) long gaming sessions.

Available in clear or amber lenses.


You don't mess around. When you finish a game of Battlefield (1942, of course), you go back to good old CS. Experience Horus X's best gaming glasses with unbeatable comfort.

Available in clear or amber lenses.

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