More and more choices!

New collection

New emblematic models are now available in sunglasses!

You wanted it, we did it!

After having listened to your desires and your feedback, we are proud today to present you a new solar collection with two major novelties.

1-New models

The masterful Ushuaïa, the retro Stockholm and the sparkling Urban Pink. So many emblematic or brand new models that come in sunglasses for even more style and protection this summer!

Warning the eyes !

2-Polarized lenses

Because offering you the best category 3 sunglasses ever was not enough for us, we now offer you the choice with a polarized treatment on all our sunglasses.

Enough to go on a quiet adventure!

Enough talk, here are the nuggets...

How to choose the right lenses?

Darkmatter® sun lenses

UV400 cat.3 sunglasses.
Filter out 96% of harmful blue light.
Optimized for reading screens outdoors.
High performance anti-reflection.

The ideal choice for classic use. Also allows you to work outdoors with your glasses.

x-Pol® sun lenses

UV400 cat.3 sunglasses.
Filter out 96% of harmful blue light.
High performance anti-reflection.
+ polarized anti-glare treatment.

The ultimate solution to face the brightest environments (waterside & mountain).

What is the difference with classic sunglasses?

Our Darkmatter® and x-Pol® lenses benefit from a different design and treatment from conventional lenses from major brands, notably allowing them to block a large part of harmful blue light (light emitted by screens but also by the sun in large quantity).

Our anti-reflective treatment is also a Horus X innovation and has no equal on the market.

In comparison, if you wear Horus X sunglasses for several hours at the beach, your eyes will be much less tired at the end of the day.

Darkmatter® lenses also have a specific treatment to make screens (like your smartphone) easier to read when wearing the glasses.

Are polarized lenses also optimized for reading screens?


In essence, polarization complicates reading even if on some screens it has no impact.

If you plan to use screens on a regular basis while wearing your sunglasses, we recommend non-polarized Darkmatter® lenses.

I don't know your brand, can I trust you?

Good question ! We totally understand! So here are some answers.

Our brand has been equipping more than 200,000 people around the world with anti-blue light glasses and sunglasses for more than 5 years.

We offer a lifetime warranty with free exchanges and returns. No risk, if you are not satisfied you can return the product to us and we will refund you.

Finally, some of the brand's founders and our partners have worked or have worked for more than 10 years (much more for some) in the optical industry. This allows us today to offer you high quality products at affordable prices.

If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of other customers about our products and the brand .