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Anti-blue light glasses for children aged 4 to 7.

In the pure style of anime and Japanese culture, these glasses give your child superpowers with the ability to protect their sleep and effectively fight against digital eye strain.

Innovative ULTEM frame, ultra-resistant material (Ultem crash test) for your little adventurers.

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What's in the box?
  • 1 pair of OSAKA blue light glasses for kids (Unisex)
  • 1 soft storage pouch
  • 1 solid reusable box
  • 1 high quality microfiber cloth
Lifetime warranty

Glasses guaranteed for life.

In case of any problem, send an email to and we will send you a new pair for free or refund your old one, whichever you prefer.

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Standards & Quality
  • Europe (CE / ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015)
  • North America (FDA approved, ANSI Z80.3:2018 standard)
  • UV400 Glasses
  • Tested by an independent laboratory

⭐️ Adopted by over 200,000 gamers and recommended by the biggest ones ⭐️

Screens and children


Extended screen time for children can lead to sleep disorders or visual fatigue. We understand that it can be challenging to limit screen time in today's world, which is why we have created these glasses that filter out 60% of the blue light emitted by screens on the harmful spectrum of 380nm to 450nm, making them the most powerful in their category.

Color and durability


Because childhood is all about creativity and discovery, we wanted to add some color to these glasses. And since we know the incredible capacity for mass destruction of our own children, we built the frame with ULTEM, an ultra-resistant material, and the lenses with polycarbonate, both child-proof.

Lightweight glasses


Not only is this pair of glasses extremely durable, but the chosen materials also make it an ultra-lightweight pair of glasses. They will quickly be forgotten on the noses of your children, even on those who are most resistant to wearing glasses.

Lifetime warranty


Our children's anti-blue light glasses are all guaranteed for life! We have so much confidence in our products that we promise an exchange or refund if you encounter any issues.

Customer Reviews

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Hamza T.

Bonsoir normalement je dois les retourner parce que il son petit moi il me faut pour adultes j'ai reçu pour enfants

Bonjour Hamza,

Merci de nous avoir écrit. Je suis désolée que vos lunettes soient trop petites. On va vous contacter par mail pour trouver une solution à cela.

Je reste à votre écoute en cas de besoin.

Belle fin de journée,
Camille - Horus X

Bluelight glasses

Loooove!! Would definitely recommend these to anyone!

Alma B.
lunette incassable

mon gosse a l'habitude de martiriser ses lunettes, pour l'instant elles lui tiennent tête, costaud horus x

Agathe D.
pas cher et efficace!

je surpris de la qualité pour le prix

Luna R.
Super résistantes

mon fils s'est assis dessus le premier jour et elles sont intactes!