Horus X® Technology


Visible blue light is made up of :

Harmful blue-violet light (between 380 and 450 nanometers) which accelerate retinal aging.

Good blue-turquoise light (between 450 and 500 nanometers). Which is very important to regulate our biological rhythm (wellness, sleep,...)


Tingling, red, dry and tired eyes, glare, blurred vision, headache. Like somebody had cast a strange spell on you.


Disruption of melatonin secretion. Blue light keeps you from sleeping well. Then your brain works in slow motion as if you had a 200ms ping.


Prolonged exposure could contribute to age-related macular degeneration. Let's be honest : you can't win a starcraft tournament like that.

Blue light fro screens damages your eyes and degrades your health.
Horus X develops innovative technologies to build the ultimate shield against the harmful spectrum of blue light between 380 and 450 nanometers.

More info and scientific studies


Discover our “Intense Amber 86+” and "Clear Everyday 50+” filters.
Specially designed to protect you of the harmful frequency [380-450nm] of blue light depending on the use of screens you have. Simple and efficient.

Better sleep
Long term protection
Improved performance

Let's be careful!

Some companies only communicate their performances on a restricted part of the harmful frequency.
Only at 400nm ? At 450nm ? Or on a reduced spectrum that doesn't cover the entire harmful frequency? Example : From [380-420nm] instead of [380-450nm]?

We give you all the technical details on each page of each product so you can make the right choice.

"Colors" choice


Our "Clear 50+" lenses have one of the most performing filters of the market for an almost perfect transparency.
Glasses made of Polycarbonate
(super-resistant and ultra light material) with an anti reflection treatment.


Our "Intense 86+" Amber lenses
allow a limited color distortion (compared to yellow or orange), a better perception of contrasts and a maximum protection.

Glasses made of Polycarbonate
(super-resistant and ultra light material) with an anti reflection treatment.