Horus X® Technologies

Protect yourself effectively against harmful rays (UV, blue light, reflections) thanks to Horus X patented technologies:

Plasma® 86+, Ghost® 50+, Darkmatter® 96+

Understanding blue light

Blue light is composed of:

The "ultra-harmful" blue-violet light (from 380 to 400nm) and the broader "harmful" spectrum (between 380 and 450 nanometers), which contribute to accelerating retinal aging. Our technologies are designed to mainly filter out this part of the blue light spectrum.

The beneficial blue-turquoise light (between 450 and 500 nanometers) is essential to the body for regulating our biological rhythm (well-being, sleep, etc.). Therefore, our goal is to filter out as little of this part of the blue light as possible.

Our filtering technologies

🛡️ Ultra harmful spectrum filter*

🛡️ Harmful spectrum filter*

🛡️ UV Filter

Lens color
🟠 Amber

Anti-reflective coating

🛡️ Ultra harmful spectrum filter*

🛡️ Harmful spectrum filter*
60% (verres 3.0)

🛡️ UV Filter

Lens color
⚪ Clear

Anti-reflective coating

🛡️ Ultra harmful spectrum filter*

🛡️ Harmful spectrum filter*

🛡️ UV Filter

Lens color
⚫ Sun

Anti-reflective coating

*see upper section

"Plasma Amber" or "Ghost Clear": How to choose the right filter to protect against blue light?

🛡️ Regardless of the chosen filter, you are protected from the long-term effects of intense blue light (HEV) thanks to a patented technology.
💎 All our glasses, even entry-level ones, have the same quality of filtration.

🤍 The Ghost Clear filter (transparent), even though it is less colorful, offers one of the best protections on the market.
🧡 The Plasma Amber filter provides better protection against common short-term effects, especially during intensive exposure: headaches, eye tingling, blurry vision.

👉 Choose based on your sensitivity and usage. More information is provided below.

Amber 86+


💪 Filter +86% of the harmful spectrum of blue light [380nm-450nm]

🛡️🛡️🛡️ Ultimate blue light protection. Ideal for night and intensive exposure.

🎮 Intense GAMING use.

Clear 50+/60+


💪 Filter +50% (60% in 3.0 lenses) of the harmful blue light spectrum [380nm-450nm]

🛡️ For optimal blue light protection without color distortion.Ideal for daytime use.

🎮 Intended for soft or professional gaming.

Better sleep

Long term protection

Improved performances

Warning! Some brands only communicate on a part of their filtration, or give incomplete information.
Do not rely on vague data or improperly filtered spectra.

❌ Only at 450nm?
❌ Only on [380nm-420m] or lower?
❌ On a spectrum that is too wide above 450nm (up to 500nm, for example, including the beneficial part of blue light).

How to find your way?
✔️ Prefer glasses that clearly communicate the protection of their filter for the harmful spectrum from 380nm to 450nm.



Stinging, red, dry, and tired eyes, eye twitching, glare, blurry vision, and headaches.

It feels like Lulu from FF10 has hit you with an overdrive to absorb your MP.


Disruption of melatonin secretion. Blue light disrupts your sleep.

This can lead your brain to work at a slower pace, as if it had a 200ms ping.


Prolonged exposure to blue light may contribute to age-related macular degeneration.

Let's be honest: It's impossible to win a Starcraft tournament under these conditions!

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