What's that deal?

A lifetime warranty on my pair of Horus X glasses?
Yes indeed!

In summary

We designed our Horus X products to last.
High tech materials, CE and ANSI certifications, Extensive and frequent Quality Inspections.

But life happens !

You sat on your favorite gaming glasses, you abused it, it broke (" I encountered a glitch" ) or much worse: the product arrived with a defect or anomaly ( "Manufacturer's Warranty" ) .

If this is the case, then we will replace or reimburse your glasses!
You can count on us.

Something bad happened !

We trust our glasses, they are made of polycarbonate and should even withstand a lot of freaking out in a lost game on LOL (polycarbonate is used in ballistics. But by some bad luck, you dtill broke your glsses irreparably?)
Why complicate your life? If you have a problem with our product, whatever it is (even if you defragmented your pair during your last game of Fortnite), we send you a pair and you keep the old one, period.

An email to hello@horus-x.com and you're done. We are committed to finding a solution for you in less than 3 working days.
The only thing we ask you is a contribution to the (small) processing costs to prepare and ship your new pair (5€).

* This warranty only covers glasses purchased from Horus X (UpcyLink SAS company).
For those purchased through an authorized Horus X reseller, refer to their refund / return conditions.

* If you bought your glasses on a marketplace, consider activating your warranty here: Activate my lifetime warranty (Marketplace purchase)

Manufacturer's Warranty

If you encounter any problem with your glasses, then we are not kidding.
Contact us at hello@horus-x.com and we will find a completely free solution for you.
In any case, you keep the product ( no need to waste time at the post office to return it ), and we reimburse you or we send you a pair: Reimbursement or sending of a new product in less than 3 working days.

It's not because we did something stupid that you have to pay the price;)

* We reserve the right to accept or refuse the validity of the Horus X guarantee at any time.
Thanks to our all-powerful algorithm, we easily detect the smart guys who take advantage of the system to the detriment of honest people. Mortecouille!
Anyway, leave us a little message with a good story and maybe we'll be accommodating ;)