Would you like to know how to add strength, defense and resistance points to your eyeballs like you already do with your LoL character?

The eyes are one of the most important organs in esports. They are also the most stressed parts of our body when we play video games. There are many bonuses known as food supplements that can make them stronger, boost their performance and enhance their faculties.

We explain all the little tricks to add +10 to your visual ability, +15 to your night vision or even +25 to your eye reflexes.

In this article :

  • Food supplements: definition, benefits and disadvantages
  • What are the best food supplements for the gamer
  • Some questions you ask about dietary supplements

Food supplements: the pro gamer's boost


A food supplement is a product very often presented in the form of capsules, tablets or ampoules whose purpose is to provide you with an additional nutritional contribution to fill certain gaps in your diet .

In the world of esports, the use of dietary supplements is increasingly common to improve the abilities of players. Complementary diets have even become a real market today with pro and semi-pro gamers, because all gamers want to get eyesight as sharp as a cat in the night.

Best Cheapest Blueberry Eye Supplement

According to health magazines, food supplements can do everything: make you better, improve your reflexes, fight against your visual fatigue, transform you into a real war machine on Warzone. Finally… with a bit of practice all the same!

Their roles and benefits

Available in various quantities and in different forms, the dietary supplement is used to maintain your physical and / or physiological health. But beware, they do not cure any disease!

Supplements are recognized for their many benefits, some of which are of great interest to us:

  • strengthening of concentration
  • reduction of stress and fatigue
  • restoration of the immune system
  • improved eyesight ...
...and the list is almost as long as the infinite staircase in Mario 64.

For a gamer, the use of dietary supplements may be the item that was missing from his combat inventory.

Indeed, like a very high level athlete, the pro gamer also needs to push the limits of his performance . And precisely, dietary supplements could help you "go where no man has ever gone" , as our dear Captain Kirk would say.

How to choose a dietary supplement

For several years, food supplements have enjoyed growing success to such an extent that we often forget that they can also have harmful effects. You should know that food supplements are not drugs, which allows them to clear scientific evaluations and marketing legislation.

Choosing the right dietary supplement is like choosing your vehicle for a Need For Speed ​​race. It requires some technical knowledge and some precautions related to the game world.

In the food supplement game, before any purchase, it is good to find out about:


  • The origin : this will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises. It would be a shame if you turned into Jim the worm because of some nasty top secret additive only allowed in Chernarus or Edonia.

what is the best eye supplement

  • The quantity of its active ingredients : it is often the concentration that will determine the power of the expected effect. A good supplement is generally one that contains the sufficient dose of active ingredients to have a real assimilation by the body.

  • The quality of its active ingredients : the good manufacture of the raw materials is essential in the quality of a supplement. A well-made supplement is very often one that offers serious traceability and respects ecological standards at all levels of product development.

  • The excipients used : anti-caking agents, preservatives, texture agents, colorants, these are all excipients that it is important to check. Favor supplements with an organic label, this ensures that there is no toxic excipient.

  • The opinion of professionals and users : it is always good to read the opinions of professionals or consumers in order to have a much clearer and fairer opinion on the desired supplement.

  • The price : A good price is one that combines quality with a fair price. Check the different prices offered to make sure they are linked to the value of the product you want to buy.

  • Mode of administration : in capsules, in ampoules, in tablets, choose the mode of intake that you prefer. If you're more comfortable with a bow, you're not going to be asked to use a mace. With supplements, it's the same, choose what suits you best.

The best dietary supplements for eyesight: may the force be with you!

More vitamins

Vitamins in a gamer are the equivalent of midi-chlorians in a Jedi. The more you have, the greater your power will be.

Your eyes draw a substantial amount of energy to anticipate attacks, have the sharpest reflexes and counter the invading enemy. Vitamins A, C, E and zinc are essential vitamins to ensure your eyes are in perfect health.

You can find these vitamins in many fruits – which we have already listed in our article on smoothies or in tablets in all good pharmacies.

Best eye supplements

Dietary supplements are like little RAM bars for the eyes. In the case of protecting and improving a player's eyesight, we have put together several proposals:

The flax formula

the best dietary supplement for the eyes flax

Rich in Omega-3, the flax supplement repels like a troll the enemies of the eye such as cellular oxidation and macular degeneration due to age. But, this formula is also excellent for reducing the dryness of your eyes. Omega-3 is a pillar in the functioning of our metabolism.

To realize its action, a slight deficiency in fatty acids causes:

• Increased fatigue
• Memory problems
• Signs of depression
• Anxiety
• Frequent urges to urinate (avoid if you participate in 6 hours of affiliate matches)

On the other hand, in another time, Omega-3s are a precious help to become a successful and competitive player, because this substance improves:

• General eye health
• The quality of sleep
• Mental faculties (concentration, learning, reflexes)

The Carrot Formula

best food supplement for eyesight carrot

No, this formula is not made to make you lovable. These carrot capsules are rich in pro vitamin A. Its function is simple: it optimizes and protects your eyesight. Like a good pair of gamer glasses , if you know what I'm talking about.

The acerola formula

best food supplement for vision

The acero… what? The acerola ! It is a berry that looks like a small cherry. Acerola food supplements are highly recommended for vision dysfunction.

They are full of vitamin C, which will allow you to protect your eyes and ensure their overall proper functioning. It also contains vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B3 (niacin).

Vitamin B3 is also excellent for:

• Reduce stress
• Improve cognitive performance
• Reduce anxiety symptoms

The blueberry formula

the best food supplement for vision blueberry

Blueberries are the top 1 fruit for vision . It contains flavonoids, a substance that slows cell aging in the eye.

It also contains anthocyanins, a substance that plays a big role in enhancing visual acuity. And to finish in beauty, this little berry contains vitamin E which defends us against oxidative stress and zinc which contributes to the maintenance of the health of our vision and improves the phases of sleep.

Extra boost dietary supplements

Sight is not the only faculty called upon during grueling matches. To strengthen your performance in a global way, we have also found some ideas for classic, super-effective natural supplements.

The Ginkgo Biloba formula 

Known as an ancient tree, Ginkgo Biloba contains beneficial virtues. Natural Gingko extracts improve blood circulation but that's not all! The extract of its leaves is a natural antioxidant and anti-stress that will allow you to have an unfailing composure and a concentration close to that of Solid Snake.

The L-Theanine Formula

With a name like that, we necessarily think that it comes out of a science fiction book. And yet, L-Theanine has long been known for its medicinal properties. Mainly extracted from tea leaves, this substance is an amino acid that promotes better sleep and helps reduce stress that degrades both our mental and physical health. With its relaxing power, anxious people will be able to reconnect with their visual and cognitive performance.

The Rhodiola Rosea formula

Several centuries ago, this plant was already used by the Vikings. If they were such tough and tireless warriors, it is perhaps intimately linked to Rhodiola Rosea. According to studies, this floral plant has anti-fatigue properties. Its active ingredient can significantly reduce mental and physical exhaustion, which goes hand in hand with improving cognitive and visual abilities. Less fatigue, more concentration and therefore, more headshots!

Our opinion at Horus-X : We have a preference for a blueberry formula which seems to us the most relevant to act both on the functions of your eyesight and on the stress that seizes all star players like you. With this little blueberry boost , you'll have no more excuses when shooting 3-pointers in NBA 2K20.

A calm brain, a sharp eye, skillful and concentrated gestures, that's what you need!

If you want to know what foods are recommended for your eyesight, do not hesitate to read or reread our blog article: Eat better to perform better .

Best Supplement for Vision

Questions you may have about dietary supplements

— Do dietary supplements make you fat?

Taking vitamins, minerals or herbs generally does not cause weight gain. However, there are dietary supplements that stimulate weight gain such as spirulina or ginger. In any case, don't worry, you won't look like Bibendum Chamallow by taking food supplements. Ask a specialist if you have the slightest doubt!

— Are food supplements dangerous?

Dietary supplements are like everything else. There are good ones and bad ones. At Horus X we always favor certified and generally organic products (stricter controls). And as with everything, you also have to be reasonable. A food supplement would not replace a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, sufficient rest, exercise...). No need to stuff yourself with pills at the risk of creating serious imbalances in your warrior body. Finally, it is always necessary to respect the prescribed quantities to avoid overdoses which could be harmful.

— Is it mandatory for a gamer to use add-ons?

No way ! On the contrary, we will always recommend that you favor a healthy diet with regular sports practice to ensure you are in impeccable physical and mental shape. Supplements are mostly extra Mana to increase the power of your eyes.

— Can I take it if I am taking medication?

If you are undergoing medical treatment, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor, your Sensei, your fencing master. In short, always ask an expert in the field, because combining supplements with medications can be dangerous.

The final word: best dietary supplement for vision

As with all professional athletes, the gamer's physique and mind are often put to the test. If a healthy diet coupled with a good sports practice can sometimes not be enough, there is a solution: food supplements.

These foodstuffs make it possible to improve the faculties of a player by providing him with an additional nutritional contribution during long periods of competition.

Today there are many supplements to boost the faculties of our body. For the eyes of a player, vitamins with Omega-3, vitamin C or B or even Zinc will be safe bets to be preferred.

Do not hesitate to come back to us to tell us about your experience with the formulas that we have proposed to you or those that you have tried yourself!

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