As a gamer or digital pro, you pay attention to your equipment. You probably have a good mouse, the mechanical keyboard that goes with it and the curved 144 Hz screen that plunges you directly into the matrix. Alright, but what's the point if every time you turn on the screen, it hurts your eyes?

So pay attention to the main material you use to play, study and work: your eyes . And to take care of it, equip yourself with good blue light blocking glasses!

In this article :

  • Try and receive your glasses without moving
  • Buy from an optician
  • A little reminder about blue light and how to protect yourself from it

You live in Paris, we are going to give you our best advice to find your pair of glasses. We are going to show you the best places where you can get it. You'll find out for yourself, there aren't that many.

Receive your anti blue light glasses in Paris thanks to Horus X

Look no further. Today, the most practical and effective solution to have your glasses that protect against harmful blue light in Paris is to order on our shop .

1 man and 1 woman wear blue light blocking glasses in Paris

Stay comfortable at home in Paris and try our glasses thanks to the 3D cabin .

You will necessarily find with us the range of blue light blocking glasses that suits you. You can choose from:

  • 🎮 TheGaming range (Revolution, Urban or One models): these are glasses with well-edged lenses that filter 86% of the harmful spectrum of blue light. As much to tell you that with that, you are safe from eyestrain;

  • 👓 The Nomade blue light range (Ushuaia, Roma or Stockholm models): more casual glasses that you can wear anywhere. This range will be more suitable for students and workers who spend time in front of a computer screen;

  • 😎 The Solar range (One Sun or Urban Sun models): to show off at Paris-Plage or at the wheel of your car. You will enjoy optimal protection with lenses that filter out 96% of the harmful spectrum;

  • 👧 The Children's range (Gaming Hope, Osaka or Helsinki models): because children spend more and more time on screens (thanks Nintendo), it is essential to protect them from an early age.

Once on the product you like, click on the 3D virtual trial at the top left.

Now that you know all the Horus X ranges, we will be able to tell you why you can trust our blue light blocking glasses.

A patented technology

By getting your hands on our glasses, you equip yourself with legendary gear . You will have the advantage in game (not detected by anti-cheat software) thanks to several characteristics:

  • Harmful blue light is filtered : your vision remains intact, no need to take a Doliprane every 6 hours and forget the eye drops to moisturize your eyes;

  • Improved contrast : stop touching the colors of your screen to see who is your enemy and who is your ally at the turn of a recalcitrant excel file. Our lenses improve contrast, so you can see better who you have to shoot;

  • Improved sleep : by reducing blue light, you restore a balance in your melatonin secretions. Put simply, you sleep better, and there's nothing more powerful to fully recharge your batteries.

Photo montage of 3 types of blue light blocking glasses

Goggles adapted to the game ...

If you live in Paris, you need the best gaming hardware (if you live elsewhere too, but I have to say hello to Google). So adapt your glasses to your lifestyle!

At Horus X, we have designed our glasses to be comfortable (which means hours of gaming without hurting your nose or ears) and suitable for gaming headsets ! In addition, if you live in Paris, you can order our foldable glasses case , because we know that every centimeter counts when you live in 9m2.

... or classy frames for professionals and students

You spend a lot of time in front of the screen studying or working. Why not do it in style?

Our range of Nomade blue light blocking glasses is designed to give you a fabulous look while offering the best blue light blocking protection on the market for a clear lens! Those around you won't notice that you're wearing coated glasses to filter out the harmful spectrum of blue light from your screen.

young man with denim shirt wearing metal blue light blocking glasses

Anti-blue light glasses at Parisian opticians

Yes, some opticians offer blue light blocking glasses in stores.

The advantage of going to a store is that you can receive advice from professionals. You will also be able to try the pairs and have them adapted to your vision (Horus X does not do this yet, but we have it planned for the end of 2023).

The disadvantages are nevertheless numerous (and this is also why we created Horus X):

  • 🤑 The price which can be prohibitive: indeed, opticians go through a lot of intermediaries, which necessarily increases costs;

  • 🤔 The lack of information on the technology used for glasses because few opticians know the exact needs for filtering harmful blue light (380-450 nm);

  • 🤕 Equipment that is not necessarily suitable for gaming or screen pros;

  • 🏄🏽‍♂️ Ranges that look more like riding a fashion than really serving you;

  • 😅 Dealing with bad-tempered merchants (while we are always in a good mood)

Find local shops or have them delivered in Paris by other sites

In Paris, we have a large selection of really nice concept stores. You can find anti blue light glasses from beautiful French brands like Izipizi or Nooz.

These brands sometimes even have their own addresses. The downside is that their blue light filtering is rather low if you're looking for really effective glasses.

Comparison of blue light blocking glasses (horus x, gunnar, barner, izipizi, essilor) on the harmful spectrum

There are also many other online stores that also offer to buy blue light blocking glasses with delivery in the Paris region.

However, be careful what you buy. You can find anything and everything on the Internet, but you're not going to be taught that. In terms of filtration, it will be really complicated to find good filtrations.

Here are our few basic tips for finding a good pair of blue light blocking glasses on online stores:

  • 🛡 Ideally, the lenses should have powerful blue light filtering technology on the harmful spectrum between 380 and 450 nanometers;

  • ✅ Make sure the products meet European standards;

  • 👍 Look at product reviews to get an idea (beware of fake reviews, look at negative reviews, see how brands manage and take a step back).

Want to know more about how to choose well? Discover our complete guide on how to choose good blue light blocking glasses .

What are the dangers of blue light for your eyes (quick recap)?

Blue light is produced by the Sun , LED lighting and screens . As this page is aimed at Parisians, we will focus on lighting and screens.

We detail what blue light is in our dedicated guide , but to summarize, here are the harmful effects of blue light:

  • Headaches : one of the main reasons why our customers buy our pairs of glasses. You are perhaps on this page for this reason elsewhere;

  • Itchy eyes : Prolonged exposure to screens causes dry eyes. That's what makes your eyes sting when you play for a long time;

  • Visual disturbances : another consequence of prolonged gaming is that your eyes strain for a long time, making your vision less and less precise;

  • Lack of sleep : the natural blue light from the sun is used by our body to keep us awake. Looking at a blue light at 2 a.m. makes our brain feel a bit lost, causing sleep disruption. To go further on the effects of blue light on sleep, you can take a look at our dedicated page .

  • AMD : This is Age-Related Macular Degeneration and is a long-term risk (still under study) of high-energy blue light. To go further on the role that blue light plays in AMD, we advise you to read the various ANSES reports.

How do you know if you need blue light blocking glasses?

Do you play more than 2 hours a day on a screen? Do you have a headache, itchy eyes and difficulty falling asleep? You need to reduce your exposure to harmful blue light. To do this, you can use blue light blocking glasses.

In fact, you don't need to experience the symptoms of prolonged blue light exposure to start wearing protective eyewear!

The sooner you wear them, the sooner you protect yourself from short and long term effects. That's why we encourage you to have our Horus X glasses delivered to Paris .

Are blue light blocking glasses effective?

We're not going to pronounce ourselves for the other brands of screen glasses, but for our part, we have put all the means in place to make them effective!

In our skill tree, we put a lot of points in the technology branch. We have released 3 types of lenses whose technologies are registered:

  • Plasma (the tank) : it destroys blue light like no other interior glass by absorbing 86% of radiation;

  • Ghost (the sniper) : elegant and discreet, this lens is worn on a casual frame. It still does not forget its mission: to filter 60% of blue light in its version 3.0;

  • Darkmatter (the engineer) : dark lenses to wear outdoors to filter out UV rays from the Sun and 96% of the harmful spectrum of blue light.

So yes, our ranges of blue light blocking glasses available in Paris are effective. Why not try them out yourself?

Effective protection against blue light in Paris is happening at Horus X!

You now know where to go to buy your blue light blocking glasses in the Paris region. You have also seen that this device is effective and will protect you against the short and long term effects of blue light!

To sum up :

  • You can buy your glasses directly from our store, you will benefit from delivery in Paris and our lifetime warranty ;

  • You can go to a Parisian optician but pay attention to the price and the choice of filtration technology which is often very low;

  • You can finally order glasses in store or on the Internet, be careful to find out about it too.

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