The H Team

The team behind your favorite brand. From all over the world, at your service to protect your performance and fully realize your potential.

Digital Starlord

Never a wrong click. Kevin is in charge of the Horus X website. If there's an issue on this page, you know who to contact.

🎮Serial killer in CS:GO and Mayor in Cities Skyline.

Market Queen

Valeria oversees all of our marketplaces, negotiating day-to-day with Jeff Bezos and his team of merry pranksters.

🎮 Lion tamer in WoW.

Master Pilot

Truck driver, ship captain, and cargo plane pilot, Margo coordinates all Horus X logistics.

🎮 Carnivorous plant in Mario Kart.

Tweetosorus Rex

The man, the myth, the legend. A digital wizard who solves all your problems with a flurry of memes. Has as many followers as there are stars in the universe.

🎮 Collected 3 spatulas in Teamfight Tactics.

Chief of hearts

A tall, friendly brunet, that's him! Co-founder in charge of people, a troubadour in his spare time.

Cursed on Super Smash Bros, has already scored a goal with the goalkeeper on Fifa 98.

The maker

Co-founder, inspired and inspiring creator of Horus X products. While some people have adventures, he is an adventure.

Talus dog on Call of Duty Black Ops, and nemesis of Paul on Super Smash Bros.

Master of inspiration

A co-founder worth his weight in gold. A devastating smile, ideas to spare, and a talent for collecting coins in Super Mario Bros and in real life.

Also serves as a referee for Blitzball in Final Fantasy X.

People's favorite

Intergalactic Empress of Horus X's customer service. Isabelle is your direct contact for all your questions and additional remarks. Any issues with your order? Send an email to

🎮 Plays Pac-Man and Snake simultaneously with one hand.

Our next rockstar

Whatever your motivation, we are always listening and ready to welcome new faces to the team! Send us your application at or click on the button below.

Come on, we're good!

Master puppeteer

The one pulling the strings since the beginning. Oversees the team's efforts from their headquarters in Tennessee. Owner of Paul since 2014.

🎮 Proud demon in Animal Crossings.

King of the sofa

The friendliest of the team. Official morale support when we receive a bad comment about our glasses. Expert in infinite naps and intersidereal glutton.

🎮 Boomer dog in Far Cry 6.