What's that deal?

A lifetime warranty on my Horus X glasses? Yes indeed!

To sum up

We designed our Horus X products to last, with top-quality materials, CE and ANSI certifications, rigorous and frequent quality inspections.

But we are never completely safe from mishaps.

If you accidentally break or damage your gaming glasses or if it arrives with a defect or anomaly, we offer a replacement or refund under our manufacturer's warranty.

You can count on us.

I encountered an issue

If you have encountered an issue, don't worry. Horus X is confident in the durability of their glasses, made from polycarbonate which is also used in ballistic applications.

But if you've somehow managed to irreparably break your pair, just email hello@horus-x.com and they will send you a new pair while you keep the old one. They promise to find a solution for you within 3 business days and only ask for a small processing fee of 5€ for the new pair.

Please note that this guarantee only applies to glasses purchased directly from Horus X, and for those purchased through an authorized Horus X reseller, refer to their refund/return policies.

Manufacturer's warranty

If you encounter any defect on your glasses, we take it seriously. Contact us at hello@horus-x.com and we will find a completely free solution for you.

In any case, you keep the product (no need to waste time returning it), and we will either refund you or send you a new pair: Refund or sending of a new product in less than 3 working days.

Just because we messed up doesn't mean you have to pay the consequences ;)

* We reserve the right to accept or refuse the validity of the Horus X warranty at any time. Thanks to our all-powerful algorithm, we can easily detect the sneaky ones who take advantage of the system at the expense of honest people. Mortecouille!

Anyway, leave us a little message with a good story and we might be conciliatory ;)