Okany blue light glasses are a brand you might recognize from Amazon. They’re low-cost, seemingly look good and allegedly reduce blue light exposure.

So, what’s the catch? Turns out… all of it.

In this Okany review we’ll look at exactly why appearances can be deceiving and make you aware of the potential pitfalls in purchasing a pair of Okany glasses.

In this article:

  • Okany blue light glasses design
  • Tint and filtration
  • Quality: You get what you pay for
  • Okany blue light glasses reviews
  • Warranty and durability
  • Final thoughts

The design of Okany blue light glasses: Something familiar

While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, we here at Horus X had to do a double take when we spotted the startingly familiar frames of Okany’s blue light gaming and computer glasses.

Before you think we have bigger egos than Eggman, take a look for yourself:

side by side comparison of Okany and Horus X blue light blocking glasses

Of course, we think this design is stylish and sophisticated, however, there are clear differences between the two pairs of blue light glasses. Horus X glasses frames are thin and elegant, making them lightweight and importantly, comfortable to wear over long stretches of time. They reduce digital eye strain and eye fatigue, guaranteeing your eyes feel well rested.

In comparison, the thick frames of the Okany blue light glasses will weigh heavier on the face and sit less securely. So along with eye strain, you might end up with a blinding headache as well.

Assuming they last long enough to become uncomfortable, that is. Okany reviews have shown they have a tendency to snap quite quickly.

More on that later…

👉Pssst…. I’m sure like everyone else, you’re aware of the rise of AI imagery. Look very closely at the pictures on Okany’s Amazon page…

Okany’s blue light blocking glasses: Tint and filtration

Okany glasses boast amber and clear tinted lenses that allegedly block 100% of UV rays but simply say “block blue light” with no further information.

What’s concerning here is what its product description isn’t saying.  

The tint of Okany blue light glasses is extremely dark which can negatively impact your vision and lead to dangerous situations if used improperly.

But most notably, the product pages contain no information at all regarding the amount of blue light filtered. For those of us well educated on the dangers of blue light, we know its essential to filter all of the ultra-harmful and as much as possible of the harmful blue light spectrum.

okany glasses review of man painfully rubbing eyes at computer

The lack of any information at all on the filtration rates of Okany blue light glasses, while highlighting their UV ray protection (which is standard in the industry) suggests proper research hasn’t gone into developing filtration technology for its glasses.

Instead, the product description just reads “it can filter harmful blue light…” Hmm.

In contrast, Horus X has developed patented technologies that make our glasses truly effective against harmful light from screens. We are fully transparent about what parts of the spectrum are filtered with our blue light glasses, and all models offer 100% UV ray protection.

Quality: You get what you pay for

Look, we’re not monsters. We understand times are hard and stuff is expensive. That’s why it’s totally reasonable to be attracted to a pair of glasses that promise to get the job done, without breaking the bank.

It’s also why, in the interest of fairness, we’ve done a round up of the

Guess who isn’t on the list. 👀

If you guessed Okany, you win an extra hour of gaming time tonight.

Unfortunately, as we well know, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a low-cost model of something you want. The issue is that long term you end up spending twice as much, thanks to its poor durability.

With a lifetime guarantee, durable frames and reliable filtration technology, Horus X may seem a little bit more expensive on first look; but you will be saving money in the long run.

Okany blue light glasses reviews

We’ve done a roundup of some of our key takeaways from their Amazon reviews. In the interest of fairness, we’ve included some 5-star, 3-star and 1-star. We’ll let you be the judge on whether it’s worth the risk…

Okany reviews one star

5-Star reviews

  • “It’s a bit uncomfortable to the eyes to wear this outside during the day…. very lightweight and feels cheap!”
  • “I have no idea if they work or not.”
  • “Very basic but comfortable.”
  • “I give this item 5 stars for the lenses, yeah the frames are not super durable but I’m satisfied.”
  • “Product is as described.”

We don’t need to point out it’s very unusual for comments like this to appear in 5-star reviews. And if that’s what the people who like Okany blue light glasses are saying… how bad does it get?

3-star reviews

  • “The lens is pressed too tightly against the black plastic, so they always break after some time.”
  • “Didn’t work for me.”
  • “I can’t see my best with these lens.”
  • “They cracked on me while I was wearing them.”
  • “Much smaller than the description says.”

Looks like we’re heading down the rabbit hole…

1-star reviews

  • “Cheap plastic…will never buy again… pitiful.”
  • “First time wearing and they cracked in two spots.”
  • “The plastic used for the frames of these glasses are the cheapest material a manufacturer can use.”
  • “These glasses don’t stop blue light AT ALL.”
  • “They don’t protect your eyes from blue light, this is a scam.”

BAM we’re in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts is here ready to chop off our heads…. Or break our glasses.

The biggest complaint by far by Amazon reviewers is that Okany’s frames break almost instantly. Leading us to ask… what good is a pair of glasses you can’t even wear?

🐸 ☕Here’s the real tea: Multiple users tested their blue light effectiveness too. They found it lacking to say the least: “They give you a gimic LED flashlight, which appears blue, but it is actually UV.”

If these reviewers are right, that means Okany is using a UV LED light to “prove” their blue light filtration effectiveness…. which is highly misleading at best.

A poor imitation of Horus X?

We don’t need to say anything, really. An Amazon reviewer has done it for us:

“When I saw these glasses with the yellow lenses that look just like the Horus-X glasses and were on sale for $15, I thought, "What the heck!"  The problem is there is a very weird glare just below eye level when I'm looking straight ahead.
The Horus-X glasses don't have this glare at all. I will be sending them back and paying more for the Horus-X glasses.”

Warranty and durability

We’ve already covered durability fairly well just by looking at the Amazon reviews for Okany blue light glasses.

Overall, they’re about as durable and reliable as EA’s promise to remove microtransactions.

Most reviewers comment that their glasses broke within a few weeks/uses, if not immediately upon taking them from the packaging.

As we’ve already said… what use is a pair of glasses you can’t wear?

Glasses with a broken frame and fallen out lens like Okany reviews say

It wouldn’t be quite so bad if the alleged “lifetime guarantee” they offer was reliable, but Amazon reviewers had something to say about that too…

“I tried to contact the seller to get a refund/replacement due to their advertisement of lifetime warranty but received no reply from them.”

You’re safer buying from a trustworthy brand.

Final thoughts: Okany blue light glasses review – it’s Oka-NO WAY from us

With snapping frames, no information on blue light protection and an overall uncomfortable experience; why would you choose Okany blue light glasses?

The cheap price may be a draw, but remember, you get what you pay for. And by the time you’ve paid for the third pair in 2 months, you’ve actually spent more money than if you’d just got a reliable make like Horus X instead.

Overall, we can’t recommend Okany blue light glasses at all. The benefits are minimal and the drawbacks are huge, making them an almost completely useless purchase.

We don’t want to say they’re a cheap imitation of the real deal, but others have certainly said it for us.


25 octubre 2023

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