Do you experience digital eye strain when gaming? Does your vision get blurry after playing your favorite game? Do you often get headaches when gaming?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you already have a hint as to why gamers wear yellow glasses which are, put very simply, enhanced blue light blocking glasses. Of course there is more to it.

In this article:

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  • How do yellow glasses work
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According to the Vision Council of America, a staggering 70% of US adults have experienced some form of digital eye strain. Digital eye strain, also called computer vision syndrome, can happen when you stare at a computer screen, TV, or smartphone for too long.

Luckily, that's what a pair of yellow gaming glasses can protect you against. Keep reading to learn more about yellow glasses, why you might need them and how to use them. 

What Are Those Yellow Glasses Gamers Wear?

Gaming is challenging for your health

Gaming is a part of our lives. 

Gamer stats reveal there are approximately 3.1 billion gamers across the globe, with North America taking a fair share with 261 million.

The thing with real gaming is that it requires a lot of patience and skills, with many hours of dedication spent in front of a screen. As we delve into the virtual world of gaming, our eyes absorb a lot of light from computers or screens in general. 

Blue light and, generally speaking, screens, can be detrimental to our health as they are linked to problems like eye strain, blurry vision, cataracts, dry eye, and possibly macular degeneration. On top of that, screens and blue light can also affect your sleep as it suppresses the release of the hormone melatonin, responsible for sleep. 

girl wearing yellow gaming glasses

What does wearing yellow glasses do?

Gaming glasses are primarily designed to reduce blue light exposure, stop UV light, reduce glare with their anti-glare lenses thus reducing digital eye strain. This allows gamers to play for long hours experiencing less headaches or computer vision syndrome (another fancy word for digital eye strain) but more importantly offers a long term protection. 

Do yellow glasses help with gaming? 

The simple answer is Yes. Yellow computer glasses offer advanced protection against digital eye strain.

Why are Gamer Glasses Yellow | The tech

Statue with yellow gaming glasses

Glasses with a yellow tint can help to filter out more light specifically targeting harmful blue light and UV light.

A tinted lens has a technology that works by eliminating the fog of scattered light, which improves the clarity of images. Plus, yellow adds a slight contrast to shapes, so it's sometimes easier to see images more clearly even in a dim environment. 

Yellow tinted glasses have distinct advantages over clear glasses in that they offer more advanced protection against blue light (check out those). And of course they:

  • Can block up to 100% of harmful UV rays 
  • Reduce reflection and glare
  • Enhance contrast in low light conditions

Yellow gaming eyewear is a great option if you're a hardcore gamer and play for extended periods. Gamers can benefit from using glasses in many ways. Here is a full recap of the top reasons to start using yellow gaming glasses. 

1. Reduced Glare

The lenses of gaming glasses have an anti-reflective (AR) coating that helps to reduce reflections and glare from your screen. 

The anti-reflective coating on these lenses deflects distracting light from both the front and backside of the lens. Less glare often leads to improved color contrast, easier eye focusing, decreased visual stress, and quicker reaction times. 

2. Blue Light Protection (and UV light protection)

Digital devices such as computers, TVs, and smartphones emit artificial blue light. Just as sunglasses are designed to reduce harmful UV rays, gaming glasses are designed for extended protection so as to reduce exposure to UV and blue light while staring at a digital screen for a long time. 

Blue light Gaming glasses reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, which helps to prevent eye strain and the associated headaches. 

3. Stabilizing melatonin for better Sleep

When you're looking for clues while exploring your gaming environment, you tend to get lost until the midnight hour. We've been there. 

Yellow gaming glasses can protect your eyes, sharpen your contrast but another very important benefit is that they reduce sleep disturbances by protecting your melatonin production in the evenings and at night. 

The level of light you expose yourself in the evenings can have a huge impact on your ability to fall asleep and yellow glasses will help protect you in that way (if you play elden ring before bed then no amount of protection will save you though)

Gamer intensely playing with clear gaming glasses

4. Prevent General Eye Strain for better focus

This one is really just a larger consequence of the first two point mentioned above. 

Wearing gaming glasses will help you maintain your focus on the screen, and reduce your chances of experiencing eye strain. 

Yellow glasses with an anti-reflective coating will significantly reduce your exposure to harmful light, which can help your eyes feel more relaxed and prevent potential harm to retinal cells. 

5. Offer Small Magnification (optional)

Some gaming glasses (notably gunnar optiks) have slight magnification power built-in to reduce squinting and eye strain further. You could think of it as a full-time "zoom-in" feature. 

The magnification is slight but is sometimes enough to disturb your vision. We are not big fans of this solution as it makes us a little sick but some people adapt more easily than others. Those blue light gaming lenses typically offer a 0.50 to 0.75 magnification. 

The Top Yellow Gaming Glasses

Today, the market is flooded with gaming glasses that claim to offer blue light protection and additional features. We'll look at the top 3 gaming glasses that live up to that promise. 

1. Horus X Revolution

Horus X Gaming Revolution

Horus X is a renowned company that makes high-end eyewear (Is it weird to talk about us at the third person ?). Their Revolution model is the epitome of performance and elegance (Yeah it's weird, let's be real now). 

These glasses tick all the boxes for design, quality, performance, and price. They come in a sleek yet contemporary design for unparalleled performance. Branches only 0.8mm in thickness, the Revolution model is sleek enough to impress even the most jaded gamer. 

The Horus X signature metal alloy coupled with adjustable silicon tips and polycarbonate lenses give users the ultimate comfort, optimized for headset wear. 

Performance-wise, these glasses are a force to be reckoned with. While most glasses on the market today will block out 65% max of the blue light, the Revolution model features ultimate technology that provides 100% protection from blue light at 400nm and 86% on the extended spectrum from 380 to 450 nm.

These glasses leverage the best of Horus X filtration technology to protect gamers from eye strain, insomnia, headaches, and slumps. 

When it comes to quality, the Revolution doesn't disappoint either. The glasses are made of tough polycarbonate materials and reinforced with metal hinges for ultimate resistance and durability. 

Key Features

  • Revolutionary design
  • Soft texture and adjustable temples for unmatched comfort
  • Filters 100% of blue light at 400 nm and 86% at 380 - 450 nm
  • Anti-reflection and anti-scratch properties
  • Anti-headache and visual disorders

The Revolution model comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees quality and top-notch performance. And for €54.90, these glasses give you the best bang for your buck for a pair of professional gaming glasses. 

2. Horus X Casual

Horus X Casual Glasses

These sleek gaming glasses are a convenient way to reduce eye strain, headache, and eye fatigue risk for those who want glasses for every situation. You can use them at work, with friends, at home-for all styles and situations. 

Designed with the casual gamer in mind, the Horus X Casual model provides 100% blue light protection at 400 nm. 

And much like the top-tier Revolution model, the Casual model is made of tough polycarbonate temples and lenses for ultimate protection and resistance. They are also built with ultra-light and soft materials, making them incredibly lightweight for optimal comfort. 

Key Features

  • Versatile glasses for all-round use (very discreet yellow tint)
  • Filters 100% of blue light at 400nm and 50% at 380 - 450nm
  • Ultra-light, comfortable, and durable
  • Anti-headache and visual disorders
  • Improved sleep and performance

The Horus X Casual model also comes with a lifetime warranty. And at a price of €34.90, they are competitively priced for the features. 

3. Horus X Gaming Hope (For Kids)

Horus X Gaming Hope


Designed for kids, teens, and adults with thin faces, the Horus X Gaming Hope glasses provide intense gaming protection for gamers. These glasses feature a streamlined frame for thin faces, with light and sleek curves for a great look. 

When it comes to performance, the Hope model delivers the ultimate performance you'd expect from a Horus X product. 

These glasses provide 100% blue light protection at 400 nm. They are also designed to protect users from eye strain, headaches, and visual disorders. The Hope model achieves this without compromising on comfort or price. 

Key Features

  • Designed for kids, teens, and adults with thin faces
  • Filters 100% of blue light at 400 nm and 86% at 350 - 450 nm
  • Ultra-light, comfortable, and durable
  • Anti-headaches and visual disorders
  • Made of tough polycarbonate temples and lenses

The Horus. X Hope model also comes with a lifetime warranty. And at a price of €34.90, these glasses offer you the best value for your money. 

Final thoughts: Protect Your Eyes with the Best Gaming Glasses

The use of gaming glasses has become more and more common as people realize the benefits of wearing protective glasses when facing a screen all day. 

The right gaming glasses have an anti-reflective coating that helps protect gamers from the harmful effects of the blue light. They also protect gamers from eye strain, headaches, and insomnia that results from prolonged exposure to blue light. 

Now that you know that gaming glasses play a critical role in keeping your eyes healthy, why not grab one of the Horus X gaming glasses mentioned above. Feel free to contact us if you need help finding the perfect gaming glasses for your unique needs.


April 30, 2022

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