Are you a real gamer that can play on as the clock shifts day to night? If so, you may likely experience heavy digital eye strain after an intense gaming session. And even if you don't right now, your eyes can only take on so much after so many battle royale.  

It is no surprise that some may be asking themselves: “Do I need gaming glasses?” Most often than not, the answer is yes, a quality pair can do real wonders for serious gamers. 

For a clean-vision gaming experience, read on as we cover everything gamer glasses-related - from what gaming glasses do and how they can protect your long term performance to how to select the right pair.

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  • What Are Gaming Glasses?
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  • Things to Do Before Buying Gaming Glasses
  • Clear or Tinted ─ Which Are Better?
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The Negative Impact of Blue Light

Natural Blue Light

Blue light makes up one-third of the visible light spectrum, a.k.a. light that we can see with our naked eye. It has the shortest wavelength but maximum energy, vibrating between 380 and 500 nanometers.

Blue light is everywhere around us; even the sun emits around 25% of blue light!

It penetrates the eye and reaches the retina, where the photoreceptors are located. This blue light then gets to the photoreceptors, which are connected to the pineal gland, and suppress the production of melatonin, also referred to as the sleep hormone. Blue light is one of the reasons why doctors recommend opening the blinds in the morning. Once the sunlight hits your room, it will immediately trigger your melatonin levels. 

But if you get exposed to blue light at the wrong time, it can actually throw you out of (sleep) balance. And as with everything, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

Artificial Blue Light

I am sure you have already read somewhere that you need to put your phone away at least two hours before bedtime. But, why is that? What exactly happens to your eyes when you scroll on your phone late at night?

The (dark) side-effects of overexposure to blue light !

What Do Gaming Glasses Do

So far, it seemed as if blue light is beneficial BUT it can also be harmful. Both good blue light and bad blue light are contained in the sun's rays but you do not stare at the sun straight on for 6 to 7 hours a day like you do with your digital screens. Those screens emit very short waves of harmful blue light (from 380 to 450nm), the most energetic and therefore the most harmful for the eyes. Adding to the fact that they will prevent you from falling asleep, they can cause :

  • Dry eye, redness
  • Squinting caused by digital eye strain
  • Blurred Vision
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia

And while thorough research needs to be done to back up the following claim, studies highlight that overexposure to blue light could lead to degradation of the retina (DMLS).

In summary, the more you expose yourself to blue light, the worse you could feel and the less sleepy you’ll be.

So, maybe it’s high time you asked yourself: “Should I wear glasses while gaming?”

What Are Gaming Glasses?

So, how do gaming glasses work and what do they do?

In their essence, gaming glasses are the pistol to your Lara Croft, the Auriel’s bow to your Dragonborn! They are a necessity for any gamer as much as they are a statement piece (am I going too far?)

These glasses are designed to shield you from everything attacking your eyes while playing. They are not just regular blue light glasses.

They are especially useful for filtering harmful blue light, UV light, preventing glare and in some cases improving contrast. Their main benefits ?

  • Anti headaches & visual disorders
  • Improved sleep & performance

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a good pair of gaming glasses. Whilst blue light protective glasses wont turn you into a better player, by wearing them over time, you will protect your vision, regulate your sleeping patterns, and part ways with pesky screen time-triggered headaches. You will build a better endurance and perform more consistently!  

Gaming glasses revolution

Not to mention that gaming glasses can be worn with headphones for easier use. And, regardless of your head shape or headset brand, your gaming glasses should fit you like a glove!

To testify to the quality of gaming glasses, you can check other people’s testimonials, as well as this study conducted in 2017. where blue light filter glasses partially improved sleep quality as well as protected the retina from degradation!

Do I Need Gaming Glasses? ─ A Personal Note 

When I first started gaming, I could endure hours of screen time. In fact, I had no problem staying up ‘till the am, slaying zombies left and right! 

However, in due time, I started to dread sitting down at my desktop and loading my game. My eyes had become exhausted from staring at my flashing screen! 

As I didn’t want to put an end to my gaming shenanigans, I decided to listen to my heart (You got too when it's calling for you) and finally get a pair of gamer glasses. And, boy, they were quite the game-changer - literally! Between blue light and the constant glare, I really felt the impact in no time.

It did not make me a better gamer but it did maintain my level for longer hours and left me feeling much better than before after an intense session. 

Gaming Glasses Prequel

If you’re determined to buy gaming glasses, hold on a sec! Before purchasing a pair, here’s what you should do first.

First order of business - optimize your gaming hub. It’s true that gamers love reorganizing their gaming gear and sprucing up their desks. I, for one, agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect spot for my PC in my gamer setup!

However, there’s one thing more important than aesthetics, and that’s ergonomics. When it comes to ensuring optimal eye comfort, how your gaming station is set up is crucial. You must take into account things like your posture and the distance you sit from your PC but also good lighting. 

what are gaming glasses

Side note :  if you’ve got years of staring at computer screens behind you, you may require a more thorough examination. Visiting an eye doctor is also not a bad idea - just in case it turns out you do need prescription gaming glasses (if you do, Gunna Optiks makes some and we will as soon as 2022).

Once you covered the basics, time to find the right pair. 

How to Chose Your Blue Light Gaming Glasses?

Here is a simple checklist to make sure you select the best gaming glasses :

  • UV light and Blue light filter: aim for protection for 100% under 400 nano-meters then from 400 to 450 adjust depending on your sensitivity. Blocking UV and high energy blue light is your priority.
  • Anti reflective coating: useful add on that maximize your glasses effectiveness.
  • Material: something light, soft, sturdy and comfortable (check out Polycarbonate).
  • Ergonomics & comfort: they must fit to your face perfectly.
  • Design: Don't compromise, your glasses will impact your look, make sure it does so the right way.
  • Warranty: does the company stand by their products (check out Horus X lifetime warranty !!)
  • Price: Anything under 30 bucks does not seem very serious and anything above 100 a complete rip off. 

Clear or Tinted Yellow Gaming Glasses ─ Which is Better?

So, you’ve decided to purchase yourself protective gaming eyewear. In addition to the style and color, your glasses can come in a clear or amber version or any shade in between.

Clear gamer glasses look just like prescription glasses in the sense they are almost transparent. For example, the Horus X clear gaming glasses are perfect for any casual gamer seeking a shield that filters 100% of blue light coming from the screen from 380 to 400 nm and 50% of the extended sensitive blue light spectrum. These spectacles will fend off a headache - yesterday

The amber-tinted version from the same collection offers better blue light protection. Tinted blue light blocking glasses are more suited for ravenous gamers that like to spend hours slaying mythical creatures on their screen.

In the end, it boils down to what you prefer and the type of gamer you are. If you like to play for hours on end, tinted glasses have your back. Well - your eyes technically - but you get the gist. Casual gamers, on the other hand, will find optimal comfort in wearing clear gaming blue light blocking glasses. 

Either way, your eyes will be protected and you’ll go to sleep headache-free!

Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses: Final Thoughts

Gamers’ protective eyewear is not a luxury but an essence -  there’s no shame in addressing your vision problems and preventing digital eye strain! Block blue light and UV rays, prevent glare and restore your performance. After all, those peepers aren’t going to cure themselves, and you probably don’t want to quit on your gaming escapades either.


December 08, 2021

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